S.C. ICPE ELECTROCOND TECHNOLOGIES S.A. - societate in insolventa, in insolvency, en procedure collectiveis the national leader in the electric power capacitors field and in the area of electric installations fated to the power factor improvement and the rational administration of the electric energies for which the company owns exclusivity in Romania, being at the same time an important competitor on the electric

energy market from the geographic area, in quality of supplier and distributor.

The debut of the company starts in the year of the setting up of the Institute for Research and Electrotechnical Projects ICPE Bucharest (year ’50), in the frame of which began the activity Laboratory for Research of Power Capacitors, which was to become the commercial society on stocks free in the year 1992, after the reorganization and division of the institute ICPE.

Being a society with state capital at the beginning of activity and then, after 1997, having private indigene capital, the society is permanently developing through a progressive growing of the assets and volumes of activity, through the enlargement of the products scale and services and the expansion of a new market.

2007 ICPE Electrocond Technologies S.A

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S.C. ICPE ELECTROCOND TECHNOLOGIES S.A. - societate in insolventa prin decizia Tribunalului Bucuresti in cadrul dosarului 43152/3/2014 din data de 18.12.2014

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