Prin schimbarea furnizorului de energie electrica si contractarea energiei electrice de la S.C. ICPE ELECTROCOND TECHNOLOGIES S.A. - societate in insolventa, in insolvency, en procedure collective veti beneficia de cel putin urmatoarele avantaje: 

> Scaderea facturii de plata la energie electrica. 

> Conditii de plata avantajoase

> Eliminarea restrictiei de functionare in orele de varf

> Eliminarea taxei de putere / plata doar a energiei electrice consumate

> Transparenta cu privire la structura pretului energiei electrice

> Transparenta cu privire la sursele de energie electrica utilizate

> Consultanta oferita de specialisti cu inalta calificare si o vasta experienta in domeniu

> Suport tehnic in negocierile cu compania de distributie locala, pentru obtinerea  parametrilor maximi de calitate

Prin alegerea S.C. ICPE ELECTROCOND TECHNOLOGIES S.A. - societate in insolventa, in insolvency, en procedure collective ca furnizor veti beneficia si de urmatoarele servicii: 

> Serviciile de transport, administrare piata, de sistem, functionale si tehnologice, pe care le vom contracta noi cu operatorii respectivi,la tarife reglementate de ANRE;

> Serviciul de distributie, pe care il vom contracta noi cu Filiala Electrica din zona, la tarife reglementate de ANRE;

> Servicii de modulare a consumului dumneavoastra de energie electrica;

> Serviciul de monitorizare al consumului dumneavoastra de energie electrica;

> Optimizare energetica, bilant energetic, dispecer energetic.

Starting to June 2005, besides the activity of search – development and production, it was assimilated the activity of supply and marketing for electric energy, which started in full swing in 01.12.2005.

S.C. ICPE ELECTROCOND TECHNOLOGIES S.A. - societate in insolventa, in insolvency, en procedure collective is electric energy supplier, approved by ANRE (National Authority of Reglementation in Energy Domain) and owns the License for Supply no. 687/03.08.2005.

Even at the beginning of the activity, we undertook the competition market as a top supplier, developing durable partnerships.

S.C. ICPE ELECTROCOND TECHNOLOGIES S.A. - societate in insolventa, in insolvency, en procedure collective, your electric energy supplier, in a free market, will assure you:

>  The price reduction for electric energy by elimination of the power tax

>  Single term price, indifferently the season or the daily programme

>  Consulting for energetic efficiency improvement

>  Consulting for drawing up the electric energy prognosis

>  The improvement of the supplying service quality

>  The possibility of negotiation supplying contracts

>  Assurance of the service in conditions of transparency, objectivity and non-discrimination

>  New mentalities, specific for competitor environment

>  Intermediary relations with network operator in view of assurance the access for electric network and measurement of electric energy

> Development of electric energy quantity in maximum absorbed power conditions and its supplying to the established price in the contract

>  Administration system in real time for electric energy consumption

>  Information about different legislative changes in domain


  • Electric energy acquisition on the internal market

  • Electric energy import/export

  • Concluding and administration of supplying contracts

  • Following contracts, measurement, administration

  • Calculation invoicing elements

  • Energy selling on intern market (eligible consumers, exchange units with other PRE, sales on PZU and PE)

  • Standards elaboration, instructions, statutes

  • Studies, consulting, audit, inspections, expert’s report

● Obiective                     

  • Assurance for delivery economical prices

  • Prices and energy tariffs transparency

  • Occupancy for a weight of 1,5 ÷ 2% in the electric energy competitive market

Supply license
Performance Standard
Electric energy label – electric energy structure of acquisition, used by provider
IC PE_Standard de performanta 2015 - semestrul 2
Domestic consumer Offer type
Ord 118 15
Non-household customers offer small type
Performance indicator - 2016
Annex 1 - general performance indicators
Annex 2 - Statistical Indicators

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