What kind of consumer may choose an energy private provider?

Answer:  In HG 644/2005, published in Official Gazette no. 684/29.07.2005, the competitive market is established to 83,5%. This means that each consumer – economic agent, may choose any electric energy provider among the holders of supply License, posted on

Which are the stages for changing another electric energy provider?

Answer: According to the Procedure of changing the electric energy provider, elaborated by ANRE and posted byS.C. ICPE ELECTROCOND TECHNOLOGIES S.A. - societate in insolventa, in insolvency, en procedure collective to Legislation chapter, the stages for changing another electric energy provider are the following:

> Coming into contact with a new provider in view of concluding the supply electric energy contract;
Starting the negotiation process of contractual clauses;
The consumer announces in written terms the present provider, asking for cancellation within a notice of 30 days minimum;
Payment up to date of electric energy consumption by the present provider.

Simultaneously, the new provider develops also the process of transport and distribution contracting service.

Which are the Zone Distribution Operators?

Answer: The Distribution Operators afferent to the 8 distribution zones are the following:

1) S.C. FDFEE "Electrica Muntenia Sud" S.A.   
2) S.C. FDFEE "Electrica Muntenia Nord" S.A.        
3) S.C. FDFEE "Electrica Transilvania Sud" S.A.     
4) S.C. FDFEE "Electrica Transilvania Nord" S.A.   
5) S.C. ENEL "Electrica Banat" S.A.                       
6) S.C. CEZ "Electrica Oltenia" S.A.                   
7) S.C. ENEL "Electrica Dobrogea" S.A.                
8) S.C. E.ON  Moldova S.A.                

Will the branches of Electrica intervene to damages or deterioration, even if they are no more providers?

Answer: The branches of Electrica will have responsibilities of distribution operator through the distribution contract, concluded with the new provider, assuring the respecting of regulations in force, of electric energy basis parameters, electric energy measurement, intimations checking.

Simultaneously, the new provider develops also the process of transport and distribution contracting service.

The changing of provider supposes the electric energy feeding braking off?

Answer: Out of the question. The changing of provider means a commercial changing of contracting parts, by modification of the part that supplies electric energy, the distribution service being assured without interruption by the early distribution operator with which the new provider concludes simultaneously a distribution contract. All this procedure of changing the provider is developed without braking off the consumer ‘s electric energy deliver. The contract with the early provider stops in the moment when the consumer is taken over by the new provider. Physically, electric energy exists in that consumption point, keeping itself the continuity in feeding and has the same quality parameters.

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